Balázs Hidasi

Data Mining Researcher

Contact information


balazs AT hidasi DOT eu


The fastest way to contact me is by using the email above. I check my mail quite often and usually reply within a day. If I don't answer for a week your email is probably lost (or I'm on holiday and without internet, but that is quite rare). If you can not seem to reach me for a long time, you might want to try some of my alternate addresses that you can find if you really want :]

I'm interested in (but not limited to) machine learning and data mining research, cooperation opportunities, grant programs, contests, etc. I will be quite busy in the near future, but I'll carefully consider any opportunities offered to me.

I simply ignore mails and other means of connection requests that advertise stuff (including paid open access publication opportunities), so don't bother sending me those.


You can find me and follow my research on the following sites:


You can follow my work on SlideShare or on ResearchGate. The slides of my presentations are uploaded to the former, while the latter showcases the list of my (accepted) papers. Everything that is uploaded to those sites are uploaded to this site as well. Follow me on these sites, if you prefer the format of SlideShare or ResearchGate, or you just want to be notified if I upload a new slideshow/paper.

My LinkedIn profile contains various information about me and my work (abstracts, CV, etc). Connect me on LinkedIn if I know you personally or if we had worked on something together. I will accept the request eventually.

The Google Scholar profile is the list of my publications assembled by Google.